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Numerology and Your House – Amanda E Burgess


Author:  Amanda E Burgess
Description:  140-page book
ISBN:  978-0-6480-7114-3
Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing, 2017

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How Astrology and Numerology influence your street address

Numerology and Your House will help you to discover how street addresses affect us and those we know.  Have you ever wondered why living in or visiting certain homes affect you in different ways?  Sometimes you think it might be the people or a particular situation, but what if it’s the house number?  How is your star sign affected by your address?

This book will assist you to understand how house numbers work with our against star signs to impact relationships, finances, health, ambitions, goals, desires and so many other areas of your life.  Numerology and Your House can be used as a go-to guide when searching for a new place of residence.  It can also be used to understand how where you life affects how you are currently living.

Amanda E Burgess has communicated with spirit for most of her life. As she delved into the nature of numerology, she observed that her different addresses connected to different life experiences. She researched how addresses impacted others and after five years of research, this book was written.  Amanda lives with her husband and nature-loving home-schooled children in eastern Australia.

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