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The Language of Houseplants – Cheralyn Darcey


Author/Illustrator: Cheralyn Darcey
Description:  Bk – Plants for home and healing
ISBN:  978-1-9259-2439-8
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, June 2020

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Find the perfect indoor plant to share your life with.

Every plant has a meaning, energy and qualities that will enhance your life and the spaces you live and work in.  This stunning guidebook features 44 of the most popular houseplants, each beautifully depicted with a vintage artwork, additional indoor gardening care guide and some helpful tips to keep your plants happy and healthy.  Resource lists of plants for each month, and their meanings a gift guide, as well as information on ways for you to discover the language of any plant, will assist you as you grow a thriving bond with your new botanical friends.

Cheralyn Darcey has over 30 years of experience studying the relationship between people and plants.  An environmental artist and flower reader, she is the author and illustrator of the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards, Flower Reading Cards, and the Florasphere Calm and Florasphere Inspired coloring books.

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