Australian Author Showcase: Rebecca Campbell


Rebecca is a writer, devotional creative and visionary who leads activating workshops internationally, giving people an experience of their soul. As a mystic, Rebecca’s mission is to weave the sacred back into everyday life. Her signature program ‘Three Steps to Living a Soul-Led Life and books have transformed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives all around the world. She founded the Inner Temple Mystery School and the Rise Sister Rise Membership where she works with women to reconnect with their souls and nature.

Born in Australia, Rebecca answered a call to explore the mysteries and ancient sites of her ancestry, and now resides in Glastonbuy, UK. Her initiatory awakening experiences have guided her journey and she works to assist others in developing their spiritual practice, in order to live ‘in the flow’, what she calls ‘living a soul-led life’.

Working with plants in general, and the Rose in particular, Rebecca is a channel and shares her visions via her books and oracle decks. In July 2002, her podcast will be released, Returning with Rebecca Campbell. Following is a list of Rebecca’s publications:


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