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Rise Sister Rise – Rebecca Campbell


Author:  Rebecca Campbell
Description:  Book – guide to unleashing the wise, wild woman within.
ISBN:  978-1-4019-5189-4
Publisher: Hay House, 2016

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Rise for You, Rise for Me, When you rise first you rise for She.

Many women have spent their lives trying to succeed by “making it” in a man’s world.  But things are changing – more and more women are realising that this way of being is no longer sustainable.  We are experiencing a global shift that mystics through the ages have predicted:  the return of the mother and the rise of the sacred feminine.

Rise Sister Rise is a call to arms for women to rise up, tell their truth and lead.  It is a guide to co-creating a whole new archetype for women in these awakening times – a woman who does not keep herself small in order to make others feel more comfortable; a woman who knows that she is not her body weight, her sexual partners or her career; a woman who understands the true meaning of sisterhood, and that alone we are strong but together we are fierce.  It is a manual for healing the insecurities, the fears and the limiting inherited patterns that stop women from trusting their innate power and wisdom, and being the person they came here to be.

Rebecca Campbell is a bestselling author, spiritual teacher, intuitive spiritual mentor and inspirational speaker.  Rebecca guides us to courageously answer the unique callings of our soul so that we can light up the world with our presence.

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