Full Moon in Aquarius 4 August 2020

Full Moon in Aquarius 4 August 2020

Welcome to Jo Avalon’s Moon Guided Visualisation.

It is now in a new format and located here at Avalon by Nature’s home.

Tuesday 4 August 2020 is a Full Moon in Aquarius at 2am.

The Full Moon is an optimal time for release and sealing intentions. We have the energy of Aquarius which, as an Air sign, is cool and detached and Leo which, as a Fire sign, is hot and action-oriented. Both these signs are at opposites sides of the zodiac, so there is an element of balance, what comes in is balanced with what goes out.

For this visualisation, 2 cards have been drawn to assist you and they are seen in the picture here. The first is the 10 Emotion card of Contentment and the second is the 14 Air card of Detachment.

First, close your eyes and take some deep breathes, as you bring your focus into your body. In your mind’s eye, visualise a column of Golden White Light beaming down from Divine Source, directly into your Crown Chakra; seeing it move down through your body, clearing, cleansing and activating all of your cells, organs, and Chakras; all the way down to your feet, where you visualise brown roots emerging from your soles and reaching down into the centre of the Earth, seeking out the crystal with Your Name on it. Wrap your roots around your crystal and draw up Mother Earth’s energy through your roots into your body via your feet, all the while, breathing normally. As the warming, nurturing, and protecting energy from Mother Earth moves up through your body, it blends with the Golden White Light from Divine Source. Visualise a ball of light at your Heart Chakra and in the next breath, expand it to completely envelope your body. You are ready.

Focus your awareness on the picture of the stream with coloured moss on the rocks and pebbles at the base of the Gorge – hear the sound of the water trickling over the pebbles, the sounds of the water creatures scurrying amongst the rocks. Feel the warmth of the sun peeking through the gaps and the tickle of the slight breeze that weaves between the rocks. You are feeling content; you are relaxing and revelling in calm of your surroundings; observing how the creatures go about their business while you watch. You feel relaxed yet vitalised by the calm continuance of nature.

Your attention is diverted by Kookaburra who swoops in and lands on a post nearby. He is sharp-eyed yet uninvolved with what is going on around him. This air of detachment is ideal for your current project – it will help you to keep your eye on your Prize and not be swayed by the goings on around you. If others are falling away from you, you can calmly assess whether it is in your interest to chase them or to let them go. Remember: to make room for new energy, you have to clear out old energy. Enjoy a few moments observing Kookaburra and grounding his message for you.

When Kookaburra flies away, and you are ready, gradually draw your attention back to your present surroundings and gently move your limbs to regain feeling and awareness in your physical body.

I wish you all the best for this Full Moon and look forward to sharing the next Moon Phase energy with you.


Jo Avalon

If you would like to use a tarot spread to help you journal during this Full Moon, why not try this spread from Ethony Dawn at ethony.com

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