Lazy Saturday afternoon Oracle cards


How is your Saturday afternoon going? Rainy? Quiet? Staying in or going out?
I thought I might offer some Oracle cards for fun, and invite you to take a moment, clear your thoughts and pick a pair of cards from pile 1, 2, or 3. Each like has 2 cards in it. The reveal is further down this post – enjoy!

Deck: Wisdom’s Animals Affirmative Action Cards
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Are you ready for your message?


Kingfisher & Orangutan

Kingfisher says that’s it’s time to enter the element of water, the realm of emotion, to catch that elusive sliver of what we need to sustain us. Watch for insights, the ‘a-ha’ moment that brings insight and clarity to a situation. Then seize the moment!

Orangutan counsels that it’s time to retreat into silence, to find your quiet space and put on your monks robes, to reflect and contemplate, to meditate.

Shark & Currawong

Shark says to look at your fears. They are usually irrational or based on misconception. They limit us to a life half lived. Let go and set yourself free. Perpetuate and enjoy a life of living fearlessly.

Currawong calls you to enter the Spirit Realm, via the rainbow spiral of golden light. Examination of ourselves through our connection with spirit. Hear the call to work with spirit fully and with conviction. Belief beyond all else of our place and connection to Spirit and the Great Mystery.

Cheetah & Green Tree Frog

Cheetah suggests that you ensure you are nurturing yourself properly, taking care of yourself as a mother would do with a child to ensure its healthy growth. If you are doing this already, there may be someone who needs you to show them the way to nurturing themselves.

Green Tree Frog sings a joyous chorus on dark gloomy, rainy days. Don’t let your negative thoughts invade. Find the gift in the situation you are in and rejoice for it. See through the darkness, for where there is light, there can be no darkness.

I hope you find these messages of some use – leave a comment below if you like, I’d love to hear from you.

Jo Avalon x

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