Druid Wisdom Oracle cards – Sandra Greenhalgh

Druid Wisdom Oracle cards – Sandra Greenhalgh


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Author/Illustrator:  Sandra Greenhalgh
Description:  22 card deck with a 44 page guidebook
Enter the grove of the Druids

In the ancient Celtic world, the Druids were scholars, priests and magicians.  Today, Druidry is a vibrant contemporary spirituality focusing on creativity, harmony and connection with nature.

The Druid Wisdom Oracle weaves myths, legends and Druidic lore to reveal gentle yet powerful insights that will reunite you with your own inner wisdom.

The 22 gild-edged cards are accompanied by a 44-page booklet, which includes thoughtfully researched information on the imagery of each card, and suggested divinatory meanings.

Sandra Greenhalgh is a Druid Grade member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and has studied Druidry since the 1980s.   However, she defies media stereotypes by being a mother of teenagers and living in the urban environment of central Brisbane.  Sandra has a passion for Western Mystery Traditions, and a love of nature.  She has hand-drawn and crafted this oracle deck which is inspired by ancient, reformation and modern Druidry.  Each card echoes the heritage of Druidry,  and these themes have been refreshed by contemporary Druidic wisdom.  Pictish and ancient stone carvings, Goddesses and Gods, and seasons of the year are layered into images that radiate subtle depth and complexity.

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