Spring Rains allow for reflection


I did something I rarely do, and that’s cancel attendance at an event. Particularly in a town I enjoy visiting.  However, sometimes you have to follow your gut feeling to pull the plug and stay home. I mean, it was raining, storming, winds, hail……well, maybe not hail, but you get what I mean! 

So I stayed in, and it rained at home too, which was great, not least because I didn’t feel bad about not going away!!  I started to reflect on how I have been making decisions about which events to attend and which towns to work in.  I have realised that I have been working on a FOMO basis.  You know the one, ‘I’ll miss something important if I dont’ go’, ‘It will be a great event and I missed it’, ‘I’ll miss a customer who I see every year’, the list goes on.  Don’t worry, I did think it, and I saw that at old friend went to the weekend’s event too, someone I haven’t seen for a while.  

Here’s what I gained instead:

  • My son came over for a visit with his puppy ♥
  • I went spontaneous shopping with my daughter ♥
  • We ate meals and watched movies together across the whole weekend ♥
  • I spent a couple of days researching and re-formatting my website ♥
  • I didn’t waste money on travel for the sake of it or to just cover my costs ♦

I love my mobile store but I need to put more time into my online store, so I can have some balance between work and family.

Speaking of family, I’ve received some interesting news recently, which has prompted me to investigate the Ancenstry DNA project further.  I shall share when I have some further news.

I hope you had a peaceful weekend too and achieved what you set out to do.

I have an Aura Photo in Gwandalan day coming up – next Tuesday 23 October – if you would like to see how you’re travelling, why not make an appointment to have an aura photo reading done.  Send me a message on 0414 775 612 to make a time.

See you soon, Jo 


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