Intuition in Practice

Intuition in Practice

This morning, I started working through my list of jobs – I had 3 customers booked in for shopping and readings and around them, I had to shift stock, crates, set up and re-pack the aura camera!  I am sure I moved each crate about four times in two days.

After my last client left, I had a cuppa and a snack and prepared to go out to buy groceries.  As I left, I thought ‘I shall drop in the salt lamp to the G’.  Then I thought, ‘no, I will just bring it with me tonight when I go to do my talk on Crystals and Intuition’.

Now, that’s not an unusual train of thought, is it?  We think something, then we think again.  I walked out the door to the car; and turned around to go back inside and fetch the lamp.
You see, I made a promise to myself that if I ‘think’ of something, I must follow it through. Even when I trying to ‘second-think’ it.

So, having returned to the house a second time to fetch my KeepCup, I drove up the hill to the G.  Parking the car, I took the lamp and cup inside and greeted the staff there.
‘Here is my donation for the fundraiser on Friday’ and offered up the salt lamp.
The ladies then mentioned that there had been discussion about about my talk being postponed because it was State of Origin but then they had decided to go ahead with it.  I just looked at them both and waited, it seemed like they weren’t certain even though it had been decided to go ahead with it.  So I said that I was happy to still come in but if they thought it would be better to postpone, then I would grateful for the extra time tonight to prepare for my trip tomorrow.
They left a message for the owner and I went on my way, with my yummy coffee.

An hour later, I emerged from the supermarket and decided that since it was cold and wet, as well as being State of Origin night, I would message and say that I would prefer to postpone the talk to another time.  They responded ‘yes, ok’ and I started my drive home, having gained an extra hour and a half in my evening.

Imagine if I had over-ridden my thought to stop in at the G on my way out – I would have happily turned up for the talk but possibly had no-one attending and felt stressed because I was short on time for my trip preparation.

In hindsight, I had thought a few days ago about ringing the G and cancelling my talk but I didn’t want to look bad.  Perhaps that was my first opportunity to have it postponed afterall but I wasn’t aware of it.  I got a second chance and listened today and we all achieved what was the best for each of us.

In addition, I was able to take proper time with packing and loading the ute and then I was able to spend time with my daughter preparing dinner and cooking some food for the weekend.  It was lovely to do that without feeling stressed.

It is a little story, but it made a big difference to my day.
You could listen to your little voice – it is telling you there is a possibility of something better.

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