What is Magic?

What is Magic?

“Magic is the practice of causing change through the use of powers as yet not defined or accepted by science” (Scott Cunningham, Magical Herbalist)

The power behind herb magic, while formless, takes on many forms.  Different materials have different concentrations of power or vibrational rates.  The power is neutral:  it cannot be divided into positive and negative energies.  For maximum effects, the herbs chosen for a spell should possess vibrations that match your need.

The powers or vibrations lie in the herbs themselves and can be easily manipulated to fulfill a need.  This is done through different procedures or ‘rites’, such as tying knots, building water, lighting candles, sewing, and buying things in the Earth.

First, you must have a reason to call upon magical powers.  There must be an all-encompassing ned.  The nature of the need determines which plants to use.

Next, a spell or ritual may need to be devised.  It can be as simple as tying up the herbs in a piece of cloth or placing them around the base of a candle, lighting the wick, and visualising your need.  It can be complex, such as boiling water in a special cauldron in a special place at the Full Moon and throwing the herbs into the pot.

Third, the herbs can be enchanted to ensure that their vibrations are attuned to the need.

Fourth, the spell is worked, in complete confidence and secrecy.

Fifth, once the spell has been worked, it should be forgotten.  This allows it to ‘cook’ and brings your need into manifestation.  Just like keeping the oven door shut while baking a cake.

When magic is used for positive ends, our lives become richer and happier.

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