What’s not to Love about Spiritual Sky?


Spiritual Sky perfume oils have been around for decades. I really love it when women walking towards my mobile shop, spot the iconic label of Spiritual Sky, and exclaim “Oh, I used to wear this perfume as a teenager!” and you just know that they did. They reminisce about where they were when they wore Aphrodesia, Frankincense, Night Queen, Patchouli, Strawberry and more….

A row of bottles of Spiritual Sky perfume in the fragrances of Frankincense (New Formula), Night Queen, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Shanti.  These are all mentioned in the article.

Over the years there have been changes to the availability of the closely-guarded list of ingredients and in response, the makers Tulsi Trading Incense have risen to the challenge and produced a beautiful fragrance to delight the senses. The most recent of these is the New Frankincense, which was released in mid 2020.

Prior to that, the much-loved Original Aphrodesia was suddenly discontinued and the delightful Shanti was released in it’s place, thus alleviating pressure on the scarce ingredients that made up Aphrodesia. Shanti has become a very popular scent and many women have made the switch with pleasure.

Why not start your own Spiritual Sky perfume tradition today.

Jo Avalon

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