Avalon by Nature | an Australian Spiritual boutique

Avalon by Nature | an Australian Spiritual boutique

Source: Avalon by Nature | an Australian Spiritual boutique


How’s this for forcing me to write a blog!! I was just fiddling about with some settings and playing with a tool called ‘Press This’. So, guess what! I pressed it!  Then I received an email telling me that there is a blog to read :D.

So, while you’re here, I would like to let you know that I have the 2017 Moon Cycle Charts and Zimmer Astrological Calendars both in stock, right now, ready to be sent out.

I also have in stock a great range of spiritual and self-development books and cards, the authors of which you can see on the Avalon’s ABCDs page.

As you probably know, I do have a large range of tumbled stones and although I don’t have them individually available here, I am uploading an almost-complete list and am happy to put together a selection for you and your budget.

What else can I tell you? Smudge sticks, dragons’ blood and white sage soaps and henna kits are back in stock too.

Please feel free to share this with a friend and ask them to say who sent them. I can send you a Loyalty code for a discount when they make a purchase too.

Well, by for now, I’ve just generated some more work, haha.  Cheers, Electronic Signature

Jo Durand

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    Comments welcome – go for your life!!

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