Green Witch Oracle Launch Video is ready!!

Green Witch Oracle Launch Video is ready!!

The Green Witch Oracle is out now and the Launch video is ready for your to watch! It was a lot of fun, with Cheralyn walking us through each of the cards and sharing something about each of them. She also brought in her journals so we could see how she records her observations in the garden. Lastly, she shares the botanical books that have inspired her learning about plants and their many properties.

Ethnobotany: Ethnobotany is the study of a region’s plants and their practical uses through the traditional knowledge of a local culture and people. An ethnobotanist thus strives to document the local customs involving the practical uses of local flora for many aspects of life, such as plants as medicines, foods, intoxicants and clothing (Wikipedia).

Are you wanting to order a deck but haven’t done so yet? We sold out our first delivery, and have more decks on the way so if you want to order your deck now, it will be sent out as soon as they hit our Showroom floor.

In the meantime, why not follow this link to my Facebook page and take a screenshot for your instant reading!

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