Feeling pressure to keep up.

Feeling pressure to keep up.

Last month, almost 6 weeks ago, I stayed in an amazing place in the middle of nowhere. Well, it was somewhere special up to 17,000 years ago, but it looks pretty bare now!

For someone interested in social history and a developing interest in First People’s history, this place I visited ticked all the boxes. I read information and took photos and videos. I looked and listened, sat quietly and observed too.

I sat in my car on my long trip constructing great paragraphs to tell you all about it.  When I returned home, I couldnt put it together. Something was missing, but I felt pressure to produce something lasting. Talking about it wasn’t enough, I felt.  However, you can’t force writing, or perhaps you can….but I may not be choosing to yet.

Tthe, the other day I read an article about an Elder in the Northern Territory running meditation camps in the middle of somewhere quiet and peaceful.  It is just what city people needed. No phones, no work. I know exactly what I was doing out there. It was blissful.

I thought I would share that with you, just in case I don’t get that article done after all!

If you’d like the short version, visit my Youtube channel and have a laugh at some of my vids that I took those few days. I hope you get a glimpse of what I experienced.


Cheers, Jo

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