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Teenage Witch’s Book of Shadows – Anna de Benzelle & Mary Neasham


Author:  Anna de Benzelle & Mary Neasham
Description:  94-page book
ISBN:  978-1-8072-0914-1
Publisher:  Green Magic Publishing, Nov 2013

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Introduction to Sympathetic Magic

What is witchcraft, the Old Way?  A profound respect for your own self and an understanding of the many secret passageways of your mind.  A profound respect for others, and their sometimes inexplicable behaviour.  A profound respect for nature.  The scents, sounds, sights and changing rhythms of the natural world.  Reconnecting with the Spirit World within and without in ways understood by our ancestors. 

This is a sound introduction to simple magical practices that have become increasingly popular as new generations rediscover the truth of the Old Ways.  You will be helped along the first steps of the magical path until you are ready to write your own first Book of Shadows.

For ages 13-17

Table of Contents:

  • Thirteen steps to becoming a witch;
  • Sabbats moon magic;
  • colours;
  • simple smudging;
  • simple candle magic;
  • spells;
  • incense, herbs and oils;
  • trees and their significance;
  • sacred places;
  • the green man;
  • faerie magic;
  • ritual feasting;
  • ritual drinking;
  • tarot;
  • other forms of divination;
  • romantic sun signs; crystals; ancient British festivals; pagan links and websites.

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