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Aphrodites Magic – Jane Meredith


Author:  Jane Meredith
Description:  178-page book
ISBN:  978-1-8469-4286-0
Publisher:  Moon Books Publishing, 2010

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Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality

Are you a woman who believes in your own beauty?  Do you love your sensuality and live it fully? Aphrodite’s Magic is a journey into seven aspects of women’s sexuality.  Enter the Temple of Aphrodite, ancient Greek Goddess of Love, and explore the layers of your most private, feminine self.

This book will guide you to resolve and heal past trauma, grief, and abuse so your sexuality is set free from the past.  You will be inspired to honor and celebrate your unique embodiment of the Divine Feminine and allow the magic of the Goddess to enter your body with every breath you take.  Creative journaling, inspiring rituals, and guided visualizations are included to support each step of your journey.  Rediscovering seven strands of your sexuality, dancing, and creative processes lead the reader to weave a spell that culminates in a powerful affirmation of self-honoring and sexual embodiment.  You can also create your own magical girdle, like the one worn by Aphrodite herself.  Aphrodite’s Magic will release you from the past and inspire your sexual and spiritual self for the future.

Jane Meredith is an author and ritualist.  She is passionate about myth, magic, and the evocation of the divine.  Her books include Aspecting the Goddess, Journey to the Dark Goddess and Circle of Eight: Creating Magic for Your Place on Earth.  Jane lives in Australia and presents workshops worldwide and as distance courses.

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