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    Email Reading by Jo Avalon

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    Do you have a question but no time to make a face-to-face appointment?  Here is your solution:  order an email reading with me and I will answer your question.

    When you choose an email reading, I conduct the reading in my own time.  I will prepare myself and my space, shuffle the deck with your question in mind, and draw a card or cards for you.  When I send your reading, it will be in a word document or a voice recording, there will be a photo of the cards and an explanation of how the cards answer your question.

    There are a couple of options for you to consider:

    • A 1-card reading is an overview of the energy of the situation you are concerned about.  Sometimes that is enough to confirm or inspire your knowing about it.
    • A 3-card reading provides a more in-depth discussion about your situation.  My intuition tells me what layout to use during the reading itself and I will let you know how the cards answer your question.

    How do You Ask your Question?

    • Consider your situation and frame your question to provide you with options, so that you are empowered to take actions that are aligned with your Highest Good.
    • Some options are:
      • what do I need to know about…..
      • what do I need to do about…..
      • what steps do I need to take for…..
      • how will the…..
      • how can I…..
    • The more of a choice-based question you ask, the more scope I have to give you good options to work with.
    • Ask your question in the ‘Order Notes’ section of your order and make it as direct and specific as possible. 
    • Please note: These options are for answering 1 question only, and not a 2-part question.

    I look forward to receiving your question and sending back some answers that enable you to move forward.

    Email Readings will be usually completed within 2 days. 

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  • $60.00$90.00
    Online Reading with Jo Avalon

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    I create and hold a space that allows you to explore your questions.  I work alongside you to get in touch with and use your own soul wisdom.  An open mind is the beginning point for your reading.

    I start with a question…. ‘Why are you here today?’   Your first choice of the crystals helps me to tune into your energy – the crystals you choose reflect how you are feeling right now.

    Together, using the crystals, we explore the energy of your concerns and how to shift that energy so you can move forward.

    After talking with me, I want you to leave with three things:

    • A better understanding of where you are now,
    • A clearer vision of where you want to be, and
    • The first steps to take to get there.

    You can join me online, either via Skype, Zoom or Messenger (Zoom allows for a recording) – please indicate your preference in the notes section of your order. 

    Use this BOOKING LINK to choose your time (opens in a new tab) and then return here to confirm your reading by finalising your payment.

    I look forward to meeting with you.

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  • The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
    The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

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    Author:  Arthur Waite
    Illustrator:  Pamela Colman Smith
    Description:  Famous 78-card Tarot Deck and instruction booklet.
    ISBN:  978-0-9138-6613-9
    Publisher: US Games Systems Inc, 1978
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  • Everyday Tarot – Brigit Esselmont
    Everyday Tarot – Brigit Esselmont

    or 4 payments of $8.75 with Afterpay

    Author: Brigit Esselmont
    Description:  Book – Manifest the life you want with Tarot as your Guide
    ISBN: 978-0-7624-9280-0
    Publisher: Running Press, 2018
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  • SoulLife Philopsophy Guidance Cards – Toni Reilly
    SoulLife Philopsophy Guidance Cards – Toni Reilly

    or 4 payments of $7.50 with Afterpay

    Author: Toni Reilly
    Photographer: Sheree Klaproth
    These cards are a self-awareness tool, great for life guidance when you seek clarity or support.
    ISBN: 978-06485-929-7-6
    Publisher: White Light Publishing
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  • Tarot Wraps and Pouches
    Tarot Wraps and Pouches

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    Beautifully handmade Tarot Wraps and Pouches using a combination of Kimono silk, Cotton and Silk fabrics.  Sized to fit standard decks, the wraps are more suited to decks published by US Games and Lo Scarabeo, while the pouches suit the larger Rockpool decks, decks published by Hay House and those published by the designer themselves.  See individual items for details.

    Designed and made by Eden Seeker of the Queen of Cups Handmade in Newcastle, NSW.

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