The Ancients – Tonia Reeves et al

The Ancients – Tonia Reeves et al


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The Ancients
Author: Tonia Reeves, Jacinta Feeley, Laura Walsh, Megan Williams and Sharne Young
Description:  144-page book  
ISBN: 978-0-6450-1793-9
Publisher:  Animal Dreaming Publishing, Jan 2021
Stories to Inspire the Awakening Soul

The Ancients have united to share the wisdom of the Universe from the perspectives of five inspirational people, who discuss their journeys to remembering and awakening their own inner truths.
By gathering in Circle at times of uncertainty and change, to honour the elements, the seasons and the beings – both seen and unseen – the Five align themselves with the unlimited
potential of the Universe.
Through their stories and personal experiences, these five insightful souls invite you to tap into and harness your innate knowing of who you are and why you’re here, while empowering you to unlock your own unique signature energy.
Even though there are similarities with their gifts and talents, the Five all have varying experiences and roles to play, and it was their personal commitment to be of service to the Earth Mother and the Universe that brought them together.

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Cowgirl Medium is your down-to-earth, horse-riding girl who talks to dead people!  She has co-published a book The Ancients.  She is a regular on the main stage of Mind Body Spirit Festivals throughout Australia with her show ‘Connecting to Your Loved Ones in Spirit’.

Jacinta Feeley is a healer, medium and teacher – an individual who can harness and channel the ancient wisdom of the Universe to empower others to navigate their journey. From a young age Jacinta’s connection to Spirit was strong and she has been described as the stag, with her antlers reaching up to the higher realms, and her feet reaching deep down into planet Earth like a tree. One of Jacinta’s many gifts is the ability to speak the language of light, which is an amazing experience, especially when she guides you to connect to your own. Although Jacinta and her son live in Melbourne, she is a country girl at heart and always finds nature’s hidden treasures within the busyness of a city. With over 20 years’ experience working in the education, welfare, fitness and the alternative health industries, Jacinta has extensive experience to cater for all aspects of self and all age groups accordingly, and is available for interviews, workshops, seminars and consultations.

Laura Walsh was attuned to spirits and the magical world of the unseen since a young child and has been able to traverse between worlds since the age of three. Receiving her first tarot deck at 16 years of age, Laura quickly became aware that she is an open channel to Spirit. On an internal quest for knowledge, Laura has studied and experienced many different modalities. Over time she has learned to trust her own intuition and innate knowledge, which has led to her own unique way of healing and performing readings for her clients around the world.

Megan Williams is psychic with heightened senses of clairvoyance and clairaudience which have been displayed by her ability to telepathically read her mum’s mind and make predictions that have come to pass. Her intrigue with the paranormal and spiritual realms began at a young age when she was visited by a wolf who used to stare at her through her bedroom window. This was the beginning of her magickal and mystical adventures.

Sharne Young is a registered nurse, an empath, a Usui Reiki Master, and a serenity vibration healing practitioner; an angel intuitive and would one day like to teach meditation. Sharne has attended a lot of courses over the years to gain Ancient knowledge yet it was only recently she realised she had that knowledge stored within her all this time. Sharne was raised by hippy parents who were always searching for their truths. She is an indigo child with a natural ability to channel and share guidance from Spirit.

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