The Smart Vegie Patch by Terry Memory

The Smart Vegie Patch by Terry Memory


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Author: Terry Memory

Description: 265-page book

ISBN: 978-1-7609-8973-6

Published: Pan McMillan Australia, 2022

Terry Memory built his veggie patch for his family of eight after surviving the Black Saturday bushfires. Determined to become more self reliant in this area of unpredictable weather events and worsening health caused by highly processed food, he designed a system that combines ancient agrarian traditions with the latest in science and technology to deliver massively increased yields while radically reducing workload.

Terry’s overview of the deteriorating state of our food supply will inspire you to take a step towards self-reliance, while his practical tips and how to’s offer the tools you need to get going. Meticulously researched and passionately argued, with clear and accessible instructions, this is a book for anyone looking to cut costs, improve their health and save the planet.

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