New challenges as I upload videos to our own Youtube channel!

Hi and welcome to a different looking Avalon by Nature.  We’re undergoing some transition here in the cabin.

Last week, despite best efforts, I wasn’t able to pay for my popup stall at Lake Haven as well as order new stock to service the booking, so I’ve had to be creative!

Good news though, I am heading to Tamworth tomorrow for Mandy Coles’ one day Psychic Fair on Saturday and while I am there, I will head up to Armidale to check out possibilities there.

I will be heading to Orange for Earth Spirit Nature’s Psychic Fair in late November and I recorded this short video to help Sarah’s customers get to know me a little before I arrive.

I recorded this next video because I unexpectedly enjoyed doing the first so much and thought I would practice by doing an unpacking of a parcel I received. Rivetting hey, but hopefully enjoyable!

And lastly, because I received feedback that the lighting could better and to try outdoors next time, I recorded this one today whilst tie dyeing a friend’s scrubs.

Anyway, I’d like to do more, so if you have any topics that you think I might be able to share on, please let me know, and please suscribe to my Youtube Channel by searching for Avalon by Nature.

Well, head down and on with tasks, will do another post soon.  If you haven’t already, please follow Avalon by Nature on Facebook and/or Instagram.


Jo x

St Ives Medieval Faire is this weekend!

Hi there!

A quick note before I start packing my crates…. wooden ones, of course…. I have been preparing medieval gems and herbs and all manner of goodies for my inaugural stand at this year’s St Ives Medieval Faire at St Ives Showground in northern Sydney.  This faire is the last on the medieval calendar for 2017 and I am stoked to have made it in!

Pictured here is my friend’s Comfrey Ointment for healing bruises and fractures, and what better event to bring them to!!

Soulsong Avalon Comfrey Ointment

It has been fascinating to research the history of gems and to surmise what might have been available in the 14th century, the time period I have chosen to re-enact.  However, it isn’t all about strict accuracy, I do have some ‘dragon glass’ for those GoT enthusiasts!  So, I am calling my collection of products an ‘historical approximate’ selection of products for the discerning medieval shopper and going out there to have some fun!!

In other news, you may have seen that I returned to Broken Hill last month for a combination of the Miracles Psychic Fair and a pop-up shop in Westside Plaza. The Miracles event was fabulous and I met an awesome bunch of people locally and from South Australia.  This meant I spent 10 days in this great town and really immersed myself.  This is a winning combination of work for me and I look forward to returning in 2018.  There is a possibility of stopping in Cobar to do some Energy readings and sell some treasures, but those details are still to teased out.


Lake Munmorah Shopping Centre pop-up Wed 27 Sep, Tue 3 & Wed 4 Oct – Renata, the Tarot and Reiki Lady will be joining me for these dates to offer Tarot readings and chair-based reiki mini-sessions.  Please call me on 0414 775 612 to make a time or turn up!

Mid Coast Crystal & Craft Festival Sat 7 Oct & Sun 8 Oct, Coffs Harbour Showground

Gwandalan Public School Twilight Market Sat 14 Oct, Kanangra Drive, Gwandalan, 4-8pm

Empire Bay Village Fair Sat 21 Oct, Progress Hall, Gordon Ave, Empire Bay

Tamworth Thurs 26 and Fri 27 Oct to offer Intuitive Synchrodice and Crystal readings at Spiritual Elements, Calala. Ring Rhonda on  6762 0888  to book.

Swansea Wellbeing and Psychic Fair Sun 29 Oct, Swansea RSL Club

Lake Haven Shopping Centre pop-up Mon  6 – Sun 12 Nov, near Muffin Break.

Earth Spirit Psychic Fair Fri 24 to Sun 26 Nov, Earth Spirit Natures Clothing & Giftware, rear 200 Anson St, Orange.

Phew, that’s a bit on and there are some gaps to fill still, so look out for the Avalon by Nature banners and hope to catch you somewhere!!

Please feel free to share this email with anyone you think might be interested and invite them to sign up for an irregular email from me.



Medieval Trader Profile 2017

To the edge of the Outback

To the edge of the Outback – from Trangie to Broken Hill

After a lucky escape from the Hotel California* haha, I leave Trangie and the clouds behind.  After a while I turn off the audio cd story and just focus on the road ahead.

Over the next few hours I notice the changing landscape: light green grass on the roadsides and leafy green shrubs and gums casting shadows on the black ribbon of the tarred road.  All of a sudden, and ‘how is that possible?’ I wonder, ‘what have I been thinking about while driving along, that I suddenly notice that the trees are smaller and sparser and the dirt is redder?’

Between Nyngan & Cobar
Between Nyngan & Cobar
View East, 10kms East of Cobar
View East, 10kms East of Cobar

I stop to take in the change. My heart sings. It begins to expand. There is room to breathe here.

By the way, the road is really good. There appears to have been a program of road works for some time – the tar is still black, the lines are clear and solid. At no point did I think, ‘crap, this trip is going to be awful’. Perhaps the ‘grey nomads’ are having a good impact on the outback.

Arriving at Cobar, you can’t help but know instantly that it is an old mining town.  A monument to minerals dominates the Eastern entrance to the town:  the former Administration Building (c1910) of the Great Cobar Copper Mine houses the Great Cobar Heritage Centre and the Visitor’s Information Centre and, like many buildings in the outback, the building has seen it’s heyday and a period of abandonment.  I love a good museum and this one promises much treasure but mindful of the distance I have to travel, I content myself with the gift shop, and then look for car and personal fuel!

After a good break, I head on out and notice sudden movement to my left.  I catch a glimpse of a group of goats.  Oh the goats, I heard about those wild goats on the road between Cobar and Broken Hill.  Goat rustling and everything!  So I am on the lookout for more goats and find a few smaller groups of them, thankfully they are skittish and run from the road when your car approaches.  They also run away when you approach to take a photo!  Neither will they stick around for a selfie, haha, I want proof!!

Goats, 24kms west of Cobar
Goats, 24kms west of Cobar

Did I mention that it is a dream drive?  That the road is really good?  Well, I have to commend the rest stops too.  The Baden Park Rest Area was particularly good, with a very airy loo and great shady picnic tables.  Sadly, no water in the tank, but that’s to be expected!  Always be carrying water with you anyway, and wet ones!

Baden Park Rest Area
Baden Park Rest Area

Anyway, driving, driving, driving, landscape still changing.  The foliage is being stripped away to reveal the contours of the land.  Such gentle contours, even little rises give fabulous views of the land.

I approach Wilcannia and decide that I don’t need to stop for fuel and drive through.  After about 10kms, I re-think that and double back.  Apparently there is a BP station, the sign says ‘turn right at any street and turn left’.  Hmmm, after driving around a few blocks, I give up and stop at the Liberty Station on the main thoroughfare.  After filling the tank, I step inside to pay but realise that without mobile reception, I can’t transfer what I need to my keycard account.  ‘Hang on, I’ll get cash from the car’.  Mildly perplexed by the strange look on the attendant’s face, I grab cash from my unlocked car and head back inside.  Later, I hear that it wasn’t such a good idea. Perhaps you can call me the ‘Naïve Traveller’!

Heading out of Wilcannia, I am starting to feel sickened by the number of ravens that take off when cars approach.  The number of roos dead on the side of the road is so sad – I wonder if there are any left, but there must be.  Every 10 metres there is a carcase and I guess the roos come off bad every time.  I don’t see any evidence of the vehicles, perhaps they are cleaned up much more efficiently than they are at home, where accident glass stays on the road for months after a collision.  There is no discrimination: small ones and big ones, and later I see pig road kill but no goats.  Perhaps the goats are cannier?  It feels the most difficult part of the drive, the carnage on the side of the road on what is, otherwise, beautiful country.  It makes me spur on to get to Broken Hill before dark!  I put my headspace in to mission-mode and put my foot down.  After what I refuse to acknowledge as eternity, I notice the approach of a ‘hill’, Dolo Hill rest area.  Stopping and looking back at where I had come from: the expanse of land is unfathomable and indescribable.  My photos are just a token of the experience, a quick moment in time, in this ancient timeless land.  The feeling of diminishing significance is palpable.

View from Dolo Hill Rest Area
View from Dolo Hill Rest Area

Back in the driving seat, my attention is drawn to a truck slowly catching up to me, and I pick up my speed:  I take it as a sign to get a move on.  For the last 15kms approaching civilisation, with the truck hot on my tail, I see a solar farm on my right, wooden structures on my left.  We are travelling so quickly that I miss the entrance sign to Broken Hill!

I have to go back, it is a momentous occasion in my travels that I have to document.

I have arrived at my destination before dark!!

Broken Hill
Broken Hill

*Hotel California is a joke – the The Trangie Imperial Hotel was lovely, friendly and comfy. I just had to leave before staff open up for the day. Luckily, the manager had shown me a back entrance to the verandah which I remembered after panicking that I couldn’t get out. I stayed there again on my return trip. At $40 a night, I would recommend it to anyone travelling on a budget.

Jo Durand, Gwandalan, 17 April 2017

Going west, a step back in time.

Literally, and not because I think the towns here are stuck in the past, not at all.
What I mean is that, about 10 years ago, I started researching the Australian history of my husband’s family, the Durands. I searched and compiled and wondered about these Central NSW towns that were mentioned – Walgett, Trangie, Coonamble.  Ten years ago, I couldn’t envisage a scenario where I would be able to visit any of them, being so far away from our home in Kogarah, Sydney.

I marvelled at the spirit of the patriarch of the Durand family, Joseph Vincent, who farmed vegetables in Walgett, married, had sons. There was mention of the Durands who went to war, ironically in France. While I wasn’t entirely certain of the connection to my husband’s direct ancestor, they had to be connected somehow, right? I mean, how many unrelated Durands could there be in one small town?? Anyway, life got busy, we moved to Lake Macquarie and I put the family history aside.

Fast forward to March 2017, and I’ve booked a pop up stall at Broken Hill. Why? Because I haven’t been there before and I’d like to try it! I look on the map and receive a shock about how far away it is, man, I had better stay somewhere overnight. So, I am working out a halfway point, which is…… Trangie. And something pings from my memory. Isn’t that where some of Ric’s family lived 100 years ago?

I set out at an ungodly hour (read in Howard’s mother’s voice from Big Bang Theory) and determined that I wouldn’t dawdle my way along, as I usually do. To help, I put on a cd recording of a Robert Ludlam story. It’s been long enough since I last listened to it that I find it entertaining.


Heading west along the Hunter Expressway, and then turning onto the Golden Hwy, I pick up a coffee from a coffee van in the rest area – hallelujah, somebody has finally done it!!

Now I am starting to drive through areas where the fires ripped through last month.  All the way from Denman to Merriwa there are large areas of burnt out country. Yet, signs of life abound with the leaves growing out of blackened tree trunks and tufts of grass emerging to cover the bare soil.  Bushfire is like a Brazillian wax – it exposes everything! Tree roots and boulders which were once covered in debris of leaves and twigs are looking bare (and tidy lol).

Burnt bushland closeup
Burnt bushland closeup
Broader view of burnt land
Broader view of burnt land


So as today’s drive went according to plan (and I didn’t lock my keys in the car during a pee stop!), I arrive in Trangie just after 2pm.  Which is amazing because I usually arrive anywhere after dark!
In my room, I do a quick Google search for ‘Durand in Trangie’ and the results bring up entries for ‘Silk growing in Australian’, the move ‘from Walgett to Trangie’ and National Library of Australia entries for a number of Durands who enlisted for service in WW1.
So, I decide to go for a walk to stretch out my legs and eyes. The street is so quiet, and even the publican points out how quiet it is for a Friday afternoon. I find the Services Club and there is a memorial for WW2, but that’s is too late for me, but feel I am in the right place. Where else can I look?
I looked down and found a feather – white, grey, and black, with a piece missing. Just like my family history story, there’s concrete facts and lots of grey areas, even missing information. I picked it up as a talisman and kept walking.

Soldiers Trangie Memorial
Soldiers Trangie Memorial

There’s a building that looks just like all the Masonic Halls, but no, this one is way better: it’s the Soldiers’ Trangie Memorial. A white imposing building with two Honour Rolls on the front wall.  I move towards the WW1 roll and look closely! There are two Durand soldiers remembered there – DD & LN!

Durand Soldiers
Durand Soldiers

Excitedly, I look up the entries again and am able to put flesh on these bones:

  •   Pte DD Durand is reported in the Bathurst Times to be wounded (29/5/1917). Subsequently, a Dubbo newspaper  reported that ‘a welcome home was tendered to Private D Durand on Tuesday evening in Heffernan’s Hall, when songs, musical items and addresses were rendered, and a hearty welcome extended to the guest of the evening’ (19/4/1918).
  • Pte Louis Napoleon Durand, 26yo hairdresser from Trangie, enlisted on 17/1/1915, returned at the conclusion of the war on  22/12/1918 (Australian Light Horse Studies Centre).
  • Another Durand, L-Cpl LW Durand, of Trangie, is reported in the SMH to be wounded 22/11/1915. Somehow he ends up in Queensland, which possible answers a question I had during the earlier family research.

Anyway, it’s been a big day and it is dinner time now!! I wonder what tomorrow will bring.
Incidentally, while I was driving today, I was keeping track of my kms and I realised that even though I had done the calculations on the net about the best ‘halfway’ place to stop for the night, it seems that I am not really halfway at all, I have a longer drive tomorrow.  But I think I was meant to stop here tonight. Don’t you?

Jo Durand
Trangie, NSW, 31 March 2017

Avalon by Nature | an Australian Spiritual boutique

Source: Avalon by Nature | an Australian Spiritual boutique


How’s this for forcing me to write a blog!! I was just fiddling about with some settings and playing with a tool called ‘Press This’. So, guess what! I pressed it!  Then I received an email telling me that there is a blog to read :D.

So, while you’re here, I would like to let you know that I have the 2017 Moon Cycle Charts and Zimmer Astrological Calendars both in stock, right now, ready to be sent out.

I also have in stock a great range of spiritual and self-development books and cards, the authors of which you can see on the Avalon’s ABCDs page.

As you probably know, I do have a large range of tumbled stones and although I don’t have them individually available here, I am uploading an almost-complete list and am happy to put together a selection for you and your budget.

What else can I tell you? Smudge sticks, dragons’ blood and white sage soaps and henna kits are back in stock too.

Please feel free to share this with a friend and ask them to say who sent them. I can send you a Loyalty code for a discount when they make a purchase too.

Well, by for now, I’ve just generated some more work, haha.  Cheers, Electronic Signature

Jo Durand

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