A New Moon Spell for Your Hair

A New Moon Spell for Your Hair

This spell is Cheralyn Darcy’s personal and, now, not-so-secret hair-growth spell.

Beginning in the morning after a New Moon and then stopping once the moon is full, each month, you will encourage your hair to grow long and healthy.

Rosemary and cedar are well known for stimulating hair growth and Clary sage helps balance natural scalp oils and is a calmative which is lovely if your hair issues are stress-related.

Gather together Jojoba and Coconut oils, a long fresh Rosemary sprig in flower, essential oils of Rosemary, Clary Sage, and Cedar, and a glass bottle.

To make your hair blend, wash the Rosemary and hang it to dry completely and when it’s ready, put it in the glass bottle and fill it with all of the other ingredients.  You can shake it and say: 

Plants of the Earth – Help my hair grow – Healthy and long – With sparkle and glow 

Each night, warm about a teaspoon of the mixture in your hands and massage into your scalp.  Sleep with a protective pillowcase or towel to keep your bed linens clean.

Source: Cheralyn Darcey, 2018, The Book of Herb Spells, Rockpool Publishing, p 116.

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