Create your own Incense blend

Create your own Incense blend

Aryou wanting to make a change? Have you set your intentions to create that change?

Yes?  Good on you!!

Have you considered creating a unique incense blend to support that intention?  Here is a basic process to help you.

  1. Choose a resin that has a property that creates sacred space.  The resin is the glue that holds the herbs together.
  2. Choose a maximum of 3 herbs that have the properties you are looking for.
  3. Mix the herbs together. Crush them up if you can, as long as the pieces are small enough to sprinkle.
  4. Take a charcoal disk and light it using tongs to hold it.  when the initial smoke dies down, place into a dish suitable for holding something extremely hot.
  5. Place 2-3 pieces of resin onto the smouldering disk, observe the rising smoke and start focusing on your intention.
  6. Add a pinch of your herb blend and continue to focus on your intention.
  7. With the tongs, separate the ash to reveal the smouldering centre.  The charcoal disk lasts about 40 minutes, especially if you continue to add your resin and herb blend.  Allow the charcoal to completely cool before disposing of it thoughtfully.

I hope you enjoy this process and I wish you good luck with your change-making!

If you would like to add to your own incense collection, search our catalogue for charcoal, charcoal holder, herbs and resins in the Aromas section.

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