Inspired by Frida (Mini Cards) – Akal Pritam

Inspired by Frida (Mini Cards) – Akal Pritam


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Inspired by Frida
Artist:  Akal Pritam
Description:  40 mini cards
ISBN: 978-1-9259-2422-0
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, April 2020
Use your voice with courage and purpose.

Frida Kahlo, who is considered to be one of Mexico’s greatest artists, began painting mostly self-portraits after she was severely injured in a bus accident.
The strength and power of Frida Khalo’s creative spirit has left a legacy that inspires unapologetic self-expression and celebrates the potential to overcome great challenges.
Frida used her artistic voice with courage and purpose.

Akal Pritam‘s creative body of published works melds her experience and talents as an artist, designer, writer and creative director with a daily practice of yoga and meditation.  She is an eternal student of living in high spirits.  Akal firmly and lovingly takes your hand to bring your heart and soul to the front and centre of self-awareness through your personal response to her illustrative and written work.  Akal asks you to connect with and commit to living your life with creative purpose, overflowing with self-love, self-reverence, compassion and generosity.  Akal lives in the hinterland of the Byron Bay region in Australia, where the wildness of nature activates her connection to intuitive and liberated creative expression. 

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