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Pure Magic Oracle – Andres Engracia


Author:  Andrés Engracia
Description:  36 card deck and guidebook
ISBN:  978-1-9259-2466-4
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, May 2021

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Discover the healing power of the elements as they guide you through life’s journey of experiences.

Inspired by The Big Book of Practical Spells by Judika Illes, this stunning oracle captures the essence of the sacred elements in an array of visual delight.  It will guide you on a journey of healing power, help you to reconnect to the healing power of nature and spirit, and enable you to recover the power of earth-based spirituality.

• Reconnect to the power of Mother Earth, your ancestors, and your spirit allies
• Rekindle your passion and willpower
• Recover your personal magic and psychic abilities
• Remember your purpose

This is indeed the essential tool for your whole life: 36 cards to guide you through the darkness and the light.  It will open you to a remembrance of infinite consciousness and to a world of endless possibilities.

Andrés Engracia is an author, clairvoyant medium, and ceremonialist.  Andrés’ first introduction to mysticism and spirituality began early at the age when he experienced numerous spiritual apparitions and premonitions. His interest in spirituality grew exponentially after the death of his mother in his teenage years.  After re-connecting his native ancestral roots with multi-cultural spirituality, Andrés began to immerse himself into learning various fields of knowledge: forensic and cultural anthropology, shamanism, cosmology and mythology, spiritual mediumship and energetic healing.

Andrés utilises his energy as a professional intuitive healer, a Past-life Regression Therapist and teaches courses and workshops on intuitive and metaphysical development.  A true Sagittarian, a voracious reader and NASA nerd, Andrés enjoys rock-climbing and martial arts training while creating intuitive artworks through various mediums.  He is the author of Fairy Dust mini cards and Saints and Mystics Reading Cards and is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

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