The Green Witch Oracle is in store Now!!

The Green Witch Oracle is in store Now!!

A box of the Green Witch Oracle decks.
They Arrived This Week!!

If you have ever wanted to know more about Green Witch gardening, now is a great opportunity to find out, for free, from someone who lives and breathes it every day!!

There is still time to order your copy and to register your attendance at the workshop on Wed 17 February. If you live out of the area, you can join us on Facebook Live at Avalon by Nature.

“A Green Witch is a witch whose practice focuses on nature, using natural materials and energies. Green Witches are often skilled herbalists and may enjoy gardening and wildcrafting as part of their practice. Green Witches are often quite attuned to the cycles of nature and may (or not) practice astrology as a way to enhance this connection. A Green Witch is often also dedicated to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. To a Green Witch, all natural places are sacred, and reducing her damaging human footprint on the Earth is more than a lifestyle choice but a sacred duty. ” (

See you soon! Jo Avalon

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