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The news around the country this week is showing varying degrees of physical and travel restrictions and we at Avalon by Nature are subject to them too. So, the purpose of this post is to let you know how you can continue on your Soul Journey with us walking alongside you.

Our Showroom at Boolaroo is available by appointment (it’s in the Lake Macquarie council area) and we are COVID-Safe. The easiest way to make an appointment is via this scheduling link – it’s super easy and no payment is required.

You can choose to visit in person OR via video link and that is super easy too – we can use What’s App, Facebook Messenger or Duo or if you use something else, I will install that app and use that too :). We can walk through the Showroom, you can ask questions, choose your Treasures and I can do up an order for you and provide a payment link.

Jo Avalon’s Crystal and Card Readings are still available online, you can find out more and book yours at this link – I really love to connect with you in this way. We can choose crystals and cards that help to illustrate the energy of your journey, options and choices. Do reach out if you’d like to find out more.

What’s happened to those workshops I said I would offer online? Ah yes, well…..I got overwhelmed by the enormity of the things that needed to happen before I could offer the classes, and Yes, I know, I should just put it out there and get on with it!! They’re not far away now….

If you’d like to connect on social media, I have created a Facebook group where we can interact via posts, pictures, and videos. I share not only my own stuff but also stuff from other people I think you might like or align with our mission and values. Hope to see you there :). You might also like to check out our Youtube Channel where I upload simple videos on products, travels and Cuppa Chat interviews – if you like the content, you can subscribe and hit the notification bell so you hear when I’ve uploaded something new.

Finally, it was brought to my attention that the images in my last email were large and might have not made it through to your email box – waaaah, sorry about that!! Perhaps you can check in your spam folder to see if it’s there and feel free to let me know if the images are too large. I did resize the two 3-card images but the individual cards looked awful when I scaled them, so I crossed my fingers and pressed ‘send’. No pics in this one, so it should get through :).

Take care and I look forward to connecting with you in some way that suits you – I do love to receive your email replies so feel free to send them through! Love, Jo x

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