Australian Author Showcase: Jane Meredith

Australian Author Showcase: Jane Meredith

Jane is an Australian author, ritualist, and teacher who is passionate about myths and mythic realms, creative magic, co-created ritual, trees and rivers, and dark chocolate. She has explored magical systems, myth, fairytales, and the natural world and writes, gardens, and follows an ecstatic, reverent and joyful life. She has lived in many places and remains connected to the Blue Mountains, Paris, Limeuil (France), the Lake District (UK) as well as Northern NSW.

Jane offers workshops internationally, both live and as distance courses, as well as presenting at conferences and festivals. She is a Reclaiming teacher and one of the founders of CloudCatcher WitchCamp. She is a registered Marriage Celebrant in Australia, performing legal weddings, handfastings, namings, and other ceremonies.

The CloudCatcher WitchCamp is held annually on the Springbrook Plateau, halfway between Brisbane and Byron Bay and is a four-day magical intensive in the Reclaiming Tradition, where the participants work with magic and community. A combination of daily pathworking and evening rituals, unique experiences are created in relationship with the natural surrounds. You can read more information here.

In June 2021, Jane participated in Moon Books Publishing’s online MoonCon and participated in a panel of Australian authors with Frances Billinghurst and Julie Brett titled ‘Paganism for the Southern Hemisphere’. You can watch the replay here. Following is a list of Jane’s publications:

  • Aphrodite’s Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality (978-1-8469-4286-2)
  • Aspecting the Goddess: Drawing Down the Divine Feminine (978-1-7853-5603-2)
  • Circle of Eight: Creating Magic for Your Place on Earth (978-0-7387-4215-1)
  • Elements of Magic: Reclaiming Earth Air Fire Water Spirit (978-0-7387-5714-8) (edited with Gede Parma)
  • Journey to the Dark Goddess: How to Return to Your Soul (978-1-8469-4677-6) Booktopia Link to ebook
  • Magic of the Iron Pentacle: Reclaiming Sex, Pride, Self, Power & Passion (w/Gede Parma) (978-0-7387-4674-6) Booktopia Link to ebook
  • Rituals of Celebration: Honouring the Seasons of Life through the Wheel of the Year (978-0-7387-3544-3) Booktopia Link to ebook


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