Welcome to my Heart Project ~ Avalon’s Australian Books, Cards and Discs!

This is where I have brought together the creative wisdom of our land and created the clearinghouse for Australian spiritual and self-development creations.

I am passionate about our land and the wisdom that resides here.

Our ‘ways of knowing’ draw on the wisdom of so many cultures.  The synergy of the power of our land and worldwide cultures is resulting in unique spiritual creations.  Many Australians are creating and releasing amazing spiritual products in the form of books, tarot, and inspirational cards, meditation and music.  In this day and age, all self-publishers can promote and sell independently on their websites and social media outlets like Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I’m lucky to have met many self-publishers over the years at various festivals and expos and have successfully stocked some of their products in my mobile retail shop ‘Avalon by Nature’.  I’ve also sold them successfully at many spiritual fairs and expos.

It has been my long-held dream to provide an amazing one-stop-home for as many Australian spiritual products as possible, with the intention that Australian self-published products can be readily available and easily accessed by the general public.  However, the direction on this project has changed and I am stocking some, but not all of these products.  For those I am no longer stocking, I have (progressively) provided the links to them for you to purchase directly from the creators.

Australian Books:

  • Angela Walton ‘Transcendence’ (purchase at angelaswalton.com)
  • Annette Noontil ‘The Body is the Barometer of The Soul’
  • Australian Pagan Magazine, hardcopy
  • Cheralyn Darcey
    • ‘Florasphere Australian Wildflowers Colouring Books – CALM and INSPIRED’
  • CL Moore
    • ‘Psychic & Spiritual Development for the New Age’
    • ‘Spiritual Development for the Golden Age’
  • Donna McLean ‘Overcoming Panic Disorder’
  • Frances Billinghurst
    • Call of the God
    • Dancing the Sacred Wheel
    • In Her Sacred Name
  • Glenys Livingstone
    • ‘Pagaian Cosmology’
  • Jason Tierney & Jolene Kearney ‘The Call of Auberone
  • Jenneth Tollin ‘Call of the Southlands
  • Kye Crow ‘Ghosts & Ghoumas
  • Lisa Brockwell ‘Gift of Love
  • Liz Hamilton ‘Collective Cosmic Consciousness of the Crystal Skulls
  • Maryann George
    • Crystals Pocket Guide to Natural Healing Powers‘;
    • Crystals Pocket Guide to Basic Uses‘; and
    • Illustrated Pocket Guide to Identifying Crystals in Living Colour
  • Michelle Royce ‘Moon Rites
  • Pick-a-Woo Woo series of Children’s books
  • Rachel Scoltock ‘Loving Your Sensitive Self‘ and ‘My Life with Angels’
  • Renata Daniel ‘Newcastle Ghost Stories
  • Rose Inserra ‘Dreams
  • Scott Alexander King ‘World Animal Dreaming’
  • Sharon Feighan ‘The Anxiety and Panic Handbook
  • Simone Goldrick ‘What is Energy?
  • S’Roya Rose
    • The Art of Meaningful Living
    • Tarot: A Sacred Doorway
  • Telos Australia (for Aurelia Louise Jones) ‘Telos 1, 2 & 3’
  • Tracey Nichols
    • ‘Heart to Heart’, contributing Author
    • ‘Becoming Spiritwise’

And more…..

Australian Tarot and Oracle Decks:

  • Cheralyn Darcey
    • Australian Wildflower Reading Cards
    • Flower Reading Cards
    • ‘Flowers of the Night Oracle’
  • CL Moore ‘Spiritual Tranquility Angel Whispers Oracle‘ OOS
  • Gem Green ‘Sea Symbols‘ OOS
  • Gitama Day ‘I Am: Pools of Light
  • Ionna McCarthy ‘Power Stone In My Pocket
  • Laura Bowen
    • Dreamtime Reading Cards
    • Saltwater Reading Cards
  • Lin Bell ‘Inner Self Guidance Cards
  • Louise Andersen
    • I Am I Guidance Cards‘,
    • Messages Magnets
  • Raihnon ‘Omni Saca
  • Roz Tilley
    • Tree of Life Oracle
    • Sacred 8 Tarot
  • Sarah Fletcher ‘Children’s Wisdom Affirmation Deck‘ OOS
  • Scott Alexander King ‘the Bohemian Animal Tarot’
  • Sofan Chan ‘Buddha Wisdom Divine Feminine’ & ‘Buddha Wisdom Divine Masculine
  • Tracey Nichols ‘Symbolic Signs & Symbols Wisdom Cards

And more…..

Australian Music Discs:

  • Divine Union ‘Songs of Affirmation
  • Glenys Livingstone ‘Pagaian Cosmology Meditations’
  • Lisa Brockwell ‘Shine Your Light
  • Lou Van Stone
    • All Is Well
    • Hari Om Amma Bhagavan
    • My Soul Keeps Singing Its Song
    • Line to Divine
  • Sean Sullivan ‘Trinity
  • Song Dahla ‘The Tor of Avalon

Australian Meditation Discs:

  • Angelica and Terence Atman – hypnotherapy titles
  • Doris Wittmann – Channelled Healings from 12 Ascended Masters
  • Jenneth Tollin ‘Ways of Vision and Power
  • Sean Sullivan
    • Crystal Falls
    • Home of the Nature Spirits
    • Ocean Wisdom
  • Tracey Nichols
    • Becoming Spirit Wise
    • Healing With The Elements
    • Meet Your Spirit Helpers
    • ‘Heart-Based Meditations

2023 Update – This page is now an archive of the Australian authors I supported in the early years of this project (2014-2018).  Now, there are several Australian publishers as well as countless printers of self-published works.  I still source and stock these as much as I can but no longer need to list them – you can find them in our online shop by searching ‘Australian’. Thank you for your ongoing support, Jo Avalon.

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