Crystals and Your Chakras

Crystals and Your Chakras

Where do I start? I guess with a basic introduction to Chakras for those who may not have heard of them before.  Chakra is the name for an energy centre that resides in our body.  It is accepted that there are 7 main Chakras in the human body and those are the ones that are referred to here.  For the purposes of this short article, each of the Chakras have a spiritual meaning and a colour to identify it.

  1. Root or Base Chakra – I am – Red
  2. Sacral Chakra – I feel – Orange
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – I do – Yellow
  4. Heart Chakra – I love – Green
  5. Throat Chakra – I speak – Blue
  6. Third Eye or Brow Chakra – I see – Purple
  7. Crown Chakra – I understand, I trust – Violet or White

In this picture, I have arranged a selection of crystals that I relate to each of the Chakras.  You can use this list as a starting point for your own practice.  They are named from left to right.

  1. Base – Smokey Quartz; Black Tourmaline; Hematite
  2. Sacral – Carnelian; Reddish Mookaite; Peach Moonstone
  3. Solar Plexus – Citrine; Tigers Eye; Yellow Mookaite
  4. Heart – Green Fluorite; Dragon Stone; Nunderite; Pink Tourmaline; Pink Calcite, Rose Quartz
  5. Throat – Blue Quartz; Sodalite; Lapis Lazuli
  6. Brow – Blue Lace Agate; Amethyst
  7. Crown – White Selenite; Clear Quartz

You don’t have to choose the most expensive or high vibration crystals to get started.  I started with the range of different coloured Quartz Crystals and then added to the collection as I became familiar with their qualities.

I’ll leave that here, I hope you find this useful.  Do contact me if you’d like to purchase a range for yourself.

Jo Avalon

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