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Crystal Mandala Activation Cards – Alana Fairchild

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Author:  Alana Fairchild
Artist:  Jane Marin
Description:  54 cards and instruction card, pocket edition
ISBN:  978-1-9225-7304-9
Publisher:  Blue Angel Publishing, 2021

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Alchemical Affirmations for the Soul

Illuminate & Enhance Your Soul Path

Channel the divine power of Heaven and Earth with this pocket-size, travel-friendly affirmation deck inspired by the best-selling Crystal Mandala Oracle.  Alchemical affirmations are trip-switch transmissions of light that will connect you to the higher vibration of angels, ascended masters, and goddesses.

Receive loving crystalline codes straight into your body, mind, and soul to enrich and empower your soul path through the stunning mandala art of Jane Marin and the inspired guidance of Alana Fairchild.

Alana Fairchild is the well-respected Australian spiritual teacher and best-selling author inspiring a diverse and devoted following globally.  Her integrative multi-faith approach to spirituality is unconventional and freeing, appealing to a broad range of people seeking a meaningful inner path without the pressure to adopt or reject particular religious beliefs.  Described as a publishing phenomenon, Alana’s extensive and highly original body of work includes oracle decks, books, DVDs, and albums of guided meditations and sacred music that range from uplifting dance to meditative mantras. 

Jane Marin is a talented Australian artist/healer and life coach who came from England with her parents and younger brother in 1970 at the age of seven.  She lives with her husband Livio on a cane farm in the beautiful Wide Bay area of Queensland, Australia.  Jane is an accomplished artist employing many different media and earning early acclaim with her pencil sketches and photography.

She has always been fascinated by colour, light, pictures, and symbols since very early childhood — from birth, in fact.  Painting, collage, and photography were among her favourite pastimes growing up.  She particularly loved making collages, bringing together small scraps of “nothing” to create pictures and won her first national art competition at the age of three with a piece entitled “Ice skaters” made entirely by collage.

Combining her art with her talents as an intuitive healer now has Jane producing powerful healing mandalas, the basis of which are her beautiful photographs.

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