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Pagan Portals – Divination: By Rod, Birds and Fingers – Melusine Draco


Author: Melusine Draco
Description:  The practical element of divination
ISBN: 9781785358586
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing, Aug 2018

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Divination is only a small part of a witch’s stock in trade, and although a basic introduction to the subject can be learned from books, proficiency will only come through vigorous practice.  This proficiency comes through the discovery of certain secret matters by a great variety of means, correspondences, signs and occult techniques.  Before a witch can perform any of these operations with any degree of success, we need to develop the ‘art of seeing’ and the ability to divine with rod, fingers and birds.  Divination is what could be referred to as the practical element of Craft magic, and we don’t even have to be witches to be able to read the portents. But it helps! 

Melusine Draco trained in the magical arts of traditional British Old Craft with Bob and Meriem Clay-Egerton.  She has been a magical and spiritual instructor for over 20 years with Arcanum and the Temple of Khem, and writer of numerous popular books.  She now lives in Ireland near the Galtee Mountains.

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