Practical Magic – Serene Conneeley

Practical Magic – Serene Conneeley


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Author: Serene Conneeley
Artist:  Selina Fenech
Description: 36 card deck and 304-page guidebook and card stand
ISBN:  978-1-9225-7370-4
Publisher:  Blue Angel Publishing, Mar 2023
An Oracle for Everyday Enchantment

Energise the purpose, knowledge, and potential within you to empower your heart and transform your tomorrows. This inspired collaboration is a rich compendium of fascination, insight, ritual, symbolism, and divination that you can action in your daily life for surprising and satisfying results.

* Beautiful artworks specially created to reflect the meaning and alchemy of each card.
* Step-by-step spellwork, visualisations, associations, and exercises for ushering in a charmed life.
* A comprehensive magical resource for creating sacred space, understanding moon phases, working with Nature’s cycles, influencing your future, and more.

Journey into initiation and possibility, welcome adventure and reward, set nurturing boundaries, and shape your reality with the support of deities, herbs, crystals, colour, the elements, and intention. Believe in your innate powers of creation and innovation, and charge your world with wonder — now and always.

“We wish you so much joy as you connect with the cards, develop your own special relationship with them, and deepen your awareness of your inner strength, wisdom, and light.” — Serene & Selina

Serene Conneeley is an Australian writer, witch and healer with a fascination for history, travel, ritual, and the myth and magic of ancient places and cultures. She’s written for magazines about news, travel, health, spirituality, entertainment, and social and environmental issues, and contributed to books on witchcraft, history, psychic development and personal transformation.

She is the author of six non-fiction titles – Witchy Magic, Mermaid Magic and Faery Magic with Lucy Cavendish, and Seven Sacred Sites, A Magical Journey and Sacred Journey – as well as six healing magical realism novels and several original faery tales.

Serene is a member of the Australian Fairy Tale Society, and has studied magical and medicinal herbalism, bereavement counselling, reconnective healing, reiki and other healing modalities, plus politics and journalism. She loves reading, drinking tea, working out, and celebrating the energy of the moon and the magic of the earth. Her pagan heart blossomed as she climbed mountains, danced in stone circles, crawled into ancient burial mounds and stood in the shadow of the pyramids on her travels, and she’s also, perhaps more importantly, learned the magic of finding true happiness and peace at home.

Selina Fenech, an Australian artist, has always pursued a magical life. With her head filled with dreams of fantasy, romance, enchantment, and adventure, she expressed those visions in her paintings and stories from a young age.

By twenty-three years old she was earning a full time living from her art, seeing it featured in books, oracle decks, and magazines, and transformed into products from jewellery to figurines. Her work still revolves entirely around magical themes, bringing a touch of everyday enchantment into her followers’ lives.

Selina lives with her family near Sydney, Australia. During her life Selina has found ancient Roman treasure, survived cancer, had knights joust at her wedding, eaten every bizarre and wonderful food put in front of her, written numerous novels and painted hundreds of artworks.

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