Secrets Of The Inner Self: The Complete Book of Numerology

Secrets Of The Inner Self: The Complete Book of Numerology


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  • Author: David A. Phillips
  • Description: 176 page softcover book
  • ISBN: 9781875281022
  • Publisher: The Pythagorean Press, 1993

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The study of numerology had its beginnings in the research of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who discovered important recurring personality traits amongst individuals who shared similar ruling numbers. These ruling numbers were directly related to the individual’s birthdays and led Pythagoras to the conclusion that certain numerical formulae lay at the bottom of everyone’s personality and behavior.

Pythagoras had discovered a pattern of life forces that affect us all. This knowledge can be used to better our self-awareness and to achieve a more harmonious balance within our lives on both a personal and environmental level.

David A. Phillips commenced his studies in philosophy, centered around the Greek cultural era and Pythagoras, in 1955. These studies broadened into the fields of health and nutrition in 1965, culminating in his attainment of a Doctorate of Philosophy in Natural Science in 1971, with a thesis on the relationship between vegetarian dietary habits and human health.

Dr Phillips had become well known for his extensive lecture tours throughout the USA, Canada and Australia where he spoke on health, nutrition, organic agriculture, ecology, philosophy, and numerology.

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