Your Insight & Awareness Book – Lorraine Nilon

Your Insight & Awareness Book – Lorraine Nilon


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Author:  Lorraine Nilon
Description:  445page book
ISBN: 978-0-992-8170-0
Publisher:  Insight & Awareness Pty Ltd, 2011
Your life is an expedition to discover the truth of yourself

Do you yearn to reconnect with the authenticity of who you really are?

Your Insight and Awareness Book is a unique and detailed guide that broadens your understanding of the journey of life, and assists you to rediscover the uniqueness of your soul. This book is a map, highlighting the aspects of yourself that inhibit you from accepting your own natural significance.  It is an exploration into the internal void that can be felt but is rarely addressed.

Your Insight and Awareness Book builds your awareness of truth and enables you to develop your soul insight.  It is an invitation to truthfully question your own observations of yourself and to value your inner feelings.

You can choose to read it from cover to cover, or randomly select pages, paragraphs, sentences or illustrations, using them as a source of contemplation. Your exploration of this book will be a unique introspective journey.

Lorraine Nilon is an award winning Author. She is Soul intuitive®-Life coach, who inspires her clients to resolve the negative energy (unresolved emotions) that cause them to doubt their own significance. Lorraine is an intriguing emotional and spiritual mentor, which is evident in her books as they take you on a journey of self-discovery and soul recovery.

With over 20 years of experience exploring spirituality and self-discovery, she’s gained a comprehensive knowledge about how you can develop a deeper connection with your inner self and boost your spiritual wellbeing. Her mission is to share her teachings with the world, educating others on how they can better understand themselves and live more balanced and spiritual lives.

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