Tarot and Witchcraft gifts in store now!

Tarot and Witchcraft gifts in store now!


I have a fantastic range of Tarot decks in stock right now and they make great gifts for yourself (hint hint) or other tarot lovers like yourself!

While I am entering them into the website over the next few days, they are also on my tables here at Glendale Shopping Centre until Sunday 17 November, so don’t hesitate to come over and pick yours up this week.  If you can’t make it in, do send a message to 0414775612 and I can arrange a payment link and post it to you, pronto!!

So, here’s the list of what’s available in Tarot:

  • Spiritsong Tarot (Paulina Cassidy) $45
  • The Cathar Tarot (John Matthews & Wil Kinghan) $33
  • Paulina Tarot (Paulina Cassidy) $43
  • Impressionist Tarot (Corinne Kenner) $30
  • Viceversa Tarot (Massimiliano Filadoro) $37 – SOLD
  • Tarot of Gemstones & Crystals (AGM) $38
  • White Sage Tarot in a tin (Teresa Hutch) $37
  • Morgan-Greer Tarot in a tin $39
  • Hanson-Roberts Tarot $43
  • Motherpeace Mini Round Tarot (Karen Vogel & Vicki Noble) $40
  • The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck $30
  • Everyday Tarot (Brigit Esselmont) $18
  • Gilded Tarot Deck (Ciro Marchetti) $43
  • Alister Crowley Thoth Deck (Small) $45
  • Starman Tarot (Davide de Angelis) $55
  • Smith-Waite Tarot Deck in a tin $37
  • Aquarian Tarot in a tin (David Pallodini) $35
  • The Wonderland Tarot in a tin (Chris Abbey & Morganan Abbey) $36
  • Tarot, the Complete Kit $15
  • Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot in a tin $37
  • Fairy Tale Lenormand in a tin (Arwen Lynch & Lisa Hunt) $37
  • Druid Craft Tarot Deck (Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm) $45
  • The Modern Tarot Reader (Claire Goodchild) $40
  • Bonefire Tarot deck (Gabi Angus-West) $60
  • Easy Lenomand Deck (Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin) $40
  • Green Witch Tarot (Ann Moura) $53
  • Celtic Lenormand (Chloe McCracken) $45
  • The Bohemian Animal Tarot (Scott Alexander King) $40
  • Shadowscapes Tarot (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law) $50
  • The Illuminated Tarot (Caitlan Keegan) $33

The next post will detail the Witchcraft books I have in store this week.

You can message me via facebook Avalon by Nature or 0414775612. Talk soon, Jo Avalon

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