Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Hello and welcome!! I am so excited to be launching my new website, full of goodies, treasures and interesting information.

Thanks so much to Rowan at LifeSytes for creating this beautiful website and making it so easy to use. I hope you love it too.

What you see on your screen represents the next stage in the journey that is Avalon by Nature.  I am delighted to be showcasing wonderful Australian products created, written and published by people walking their talk and sharing their experiences.  You will find a list of these on the Avalon Australian Books, Cards and Discs (Avalon ABCDs) page and the categories of the same name in the Store.  My aim is to be THE place where customers go to find quality Australian products.  So I am planning to grow to be the largest list of self-published spiritual and self-development products in Australia.  Please let me know if you know of people who would like to stock through Avalon by Nature’s store.

I am still so fascinated by the mineral world and have grown to stock over 120 varieties of crystals/minerals, many in tumbled stone form. Many more in natural form, Nature is so amazing!! Of course, I am sourcing and offering crystal jewellery, from simple chip bracelets to stunning silver settings.

Aromas for the Soul are a stock standard item at Avalon by Nature – scent is so important to creating a sacred space, one of the core values of Avalon by Nature.  Incense, essential oils, perfumes, soaps, herbs, tea and coffee.

Colour is also an integral part of Avalon by Nature – colour enhances and energises the physical body and is aesthetically pleasing too.  I offer Aura photos and intuitive readings and Tie Dyeing classes and parties. Woohoo colours everywhere!!

Well, that’s all for now, would love to see you somewhere, either online or at an event that Avalon by Nature is exhibiting at. Bye for now, Jo xo

May 24, 2016

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