Jo Avalon’s Weekly News and Oracle

Jo Avalon’s Weekly News and Oracle

Hello 😊!  It’s been a fun and busy week at Bateau Bay Square – better than I hoped πŸ™ and lovely to catch up with people who used to ship regular with my at The Entrance. It’s also been great to meet some people I’ve only chatted with on FB!!

Now for a book recommendation – Serene Conneeley, a fab witchy author whose books and oracle deck I carry at Avalon, regularly reviews the books she’s been reading – it’s a great way to find out about new authors to read.Β  This week she reviewedΒ The Lights of Sugarberry CoveΒ by Heather Webber. It’s a charming novel of family, love, and the healing power of a little lake magic. I thought it sounded enjoyable and wanted to share it with you too. The audiobook is available now on

Now, let’s get into today’s Oracle Inspiration for you!  Take a minute to settle, centre, and take a cleansing breath – ask, β€˜which card holds an inspirational message for me?’ – and choose your card from today’s Oracle offering, either Left, Middle, Right, or All Three. As always, the reveal is further down this post – enjoy!

It’s Saturday 2 September and a Waning Gibbous Moon in Aries.  You may feel that you need a to make decisions in a hurry but it’s ok to slow down, take your time and proceed at a more comfortable pace for you. This is not to be confused with a green light to procrastinate though πŸ˜‚.

Now, are you ready for your messages?……Today’s cards are from new The Healing Waters Oracle (Rebecca Campbell).

Left Card:

Cleansing – it’s the perfect time to release the old to make space for something different, perhaps it’s an old perspective that’s no longer relevant, or a long-held family belief or tradition that is limiting your capacity to broaden your horizons. You could benefit from an energetic cleanse and tune-up – with a reiki session or a visualisation of white light running through your chakras to cleanse and energise them. Journal about the thing you want to release so that you can tease out the nuances of the energy around it,

Middle Card:

Into the Unknown – is encouraging you to take a dive into the depths of the situation you are facing. You are courageous – you have the strength to face your fears and explore it further. When you resurface, you will be stronger again.

Right Card:

The Mist – is encouraging you to trust your inner knowing. Your personal compass with turn you to the right direction for you. The mist surrounds at this time to shield you from outside influence and to enable you to focus on making decisions for yourself. It will clear when the job is done.

All Three Cards:

These cards together are the answer to your question ‘What do I do now?’ Gather your courage and dive into the depth of your situation. Your inner compass will guide you to what you need to explore, what to keep and what to release. You are strong enough. You must cleanse what isn’t required to stay – cleanse your mind,  body and soul energy. As you emerge from your deep cleanse, you will be re-energised for your new direction.

I hope you find these messages inspirational for you today, I do enjoy preparing them for you – feel free to comment on this post on my website – perhaps you can share what is happening for you this week – I read every comment and I’d love to hear from you.   If you would like a more in-depth personal reading, you can purchase an Email Reading here.

Jo Avalon (2 September 2023)

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