Jo Avalon’s Weekly News and Oracle

Jo Avalon’s Weekly News and Oracle

Hello from Melbourne 🌈!  I’ve been here for the Mind Body Spirit Festival this long weekend.  There were so many lovely people and beautiful Aura photos!  Since I was staying in Carlton, I had the option of catching the tram part of the way and walking the rest along the Yarra River to the festival venue.  I decided to postpone writing this post until today, since I have more time to focus on it while I wait for my train home tonight.  So, here is your Oracle Post – enjoy!

Let’s get into today’s Oracle Inspiration for you!  Take a minute to settle, centre, and take a cleansing breath – ask, β€˜which card holds an inspiring message for me?’ – and choose your card from today’s Oracle offering, either Left, Middle, Right, or All Three.  As always, the reveal is further down this post – enjoy!

Please excuse the poor photo, I chose the spot based on how brightly lit it is, and then the light is reflected on the cards πŸ˜‚.
Back to normal next week.

Now, are you ready for your messages?……Today’s cards are from Angel Wisdom Tarot (Raleigh Valentine).

Left Card:

10 The Wheel – A fresh new start, or the end of delays – sudden or unexpected progress – very positive change – it’s time to emerge from the meditative, contemplative cave and take steps towards.  It’s a time of expansion and rapid movement, so hold onto your rug and watch out for signs and synchronicities that signpost your way.  Enjoy!!

Middle Card:

4 The EmperorLogic and organisation will increase your success – take charge of a situation – accept a leadership role – structure and discipline – it’s time for careful planning and taking charge of your direction.  This is not a card of dictatorial control, rather the Emperor wants all to benefit and steps forward to ensure that all goes to plan for the greater good.  The energy is of focus on details, communication ad responsibility, all the things that make plans successful.

Right Card:

Four of Air (Swords) Insights that come from meditation – the need to rest or take a vacation – allow more time before making a decision – it’s time to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of life to ground and regroup.  Overthinking is of concern and may not generate the solution you are looking for.  Take time to rest your mind and body and allow the subconscious to process your concerns.  Focus on something happier to help lift your spirit.

All three cards:

These three cards show that swift progress is imminent and it’s imperative that you are organised and are ready to go.  If you find you’re overthinking the process, remember to breathe and don’t rush into decisions.  You’ll need to find a balance between rushing in and tendency towards procrastinating.  Look out for the signsposts and Good Luck 🀞.

I hope you find these messages inspirational for you today, I do enjoy preparing them for you – feel free to comment on this post on my website – perhaps you can share what is happening for you this week – I read every comment and I love to hear from you.   Thank you for inviting me into your inbox each week – I look forward to seeing you in some way in 2024 πŸ’™.

Jo Avalon (11 June 2024)

On the Country of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation

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