New challenges as I upload videos to our own Youtube channel!

New challenges as I upload videos to our own Youtube channel!

Hi and welcome to a different looking Avalon by Nature.  We’re undergoing some transition here in the cabin.

Last week, despite best efforts, I wasn’t able to pay for my popup stall at Lake Haven as well as order new stock to service the booking, so I’ve had to be creative!

Good news though, I am heading to Tamworth tomorrow for Mandy Coles’ one day Psychic Fair on Saturday and while I am there, I will head up to Armidale to check out possibilities there.

I will be heading to Orange for Earth Spirit Nature’s Psychic Fair in late November and I recorded this short video to help Sarah’s customers get to know me a little before I arrive.

I recorded this next video because I unexpectedly enjoyed doing the first so much and thought I would practice by doing an unpacking of a parcel I received. Rivetting hey, but hopefully enjoyable!

And lastly, because I received feedback that the lighting could better and to try outdoors next time, I recorded this one today whilst tie dyeing a friend’s scrubs.

Anyway, I’d like to do more, so if you have any topics that you think I might be able to share on, please let me know, and please suscribe to my Youtube Channel by searching for Avalon by Nature.

Well, head down and on with tasks, will do another post soon.  If you haven’t already, please follow Avalon by Nature on Facebook and/or Instagram.


Jo x

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