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Cold Case Medium – Margaret’s Story – Elizabeth Alexander


Cold Case Medium – Margaret’s Story
Author:  Elizabeth Alexander
Description:  152-page book
ISBN:  978-0-6481-8202-3
Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing, Feb 2018

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Margaret Banks is murdered in 1962, her body buried in a hidden grave. Forgotten about by the media, her school friends and the police, Margaret’s disappearance remains unsolved for almost 45 years. That is, until Serena Jackson, a psychic medium, begins receiving messages from the beyond and goes in search of Margaret grave.

Cold Case Medium is a story inspired by author Elizabeth Alexander’s real-life work as a cold case medium.

Elizabeth Alexander is a cold case medium. She receives messages from murdered victims of unsolved crimes and assists in finding their remains, so they can be put to rest, their families can find closure, and in some instances, the perpetrator can be bought to justice.

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