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The Book of Faery Magic – Serene Conneeley & Lucy Cavendish


Author: Serene Conneeley & Lucy Cavendish
Description:  313-page book
ISBN:  978-0-9805487-2-3
Publisher:  Blessed Bee Books, 2010

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Journey to the enchanted realms of the fae, and discover the healing powers of myth, magic, and mischief!

Faeries have long captured the imagination, inspiring people to weave mystical stories, create beautiful art and protect and hold nature as sacred.  The very idea of them lifts the spirits, opens the heart and the mind, reminds us of the secret longings of our soul, and fills us with happiness, spontaneity and childlike wonder.

The Book of Faery Magic is a must for anyone wanting to grow closer to nature and their own wild self.  Rich in tradition, history, research, and faery lore, it is filled with whimsical accounts of interaction with the fae, grounded guidance on working with them, and beautiful ideas for reconnection with the magical realms.  From the faeries, we can rediscover who we really are, and awaken our natural abilities to create wonderful, enchanted lives that are full of meaning and purpose, fun and delight.  Whether you believe that faeries are truth or fantasy, The Book of Faery Magic is your portal to a state of being where fun, light-hearted and healing energy will help you fulfil all your dreams, transform your life and improve your relationship with the earth, your self, and others.

Within these magical pages you will:

  • Work with the faeries for health and happiness.
  • Be granted the Seven Magical Gifts of Faery.
  • Meet different faeries from around the world.
  • Learn the legends, lore, and history of the Little People.
  • Visit the planet’s most sacred faery sites.
  • Discover the magical properties of faery flowers, herbs, and trees.
  • Plant your own enchanted garden and brew intoxicating potions.
  • Host a magical tea party and bake faery treats.
  • Become an eco faery and help make the world a better place.
  • her from famous faery artists, writers, healers, and singers.
  • Find out what kind of faery you are, and much much more…..

Lucy Cavendish is the creator of The Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle deck and the books White Magic and The Lost Lands.

Serene Conneeley is the Australian author of The Into the Mists Trilogy and The Into the Storm Trilogy, plus Faery Magic, Mermaid Magic, Witchy Magic, Seven Sacred Sites and A Magical Journey.

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