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Divine Door (Mini Cards) – Andrés Engracia


Author/Illustrator:  Andrés Engracia
Description:  Behind every door lies adventure, mystery and inspiration.
ISBN:  978-1-9256-8295-3
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, April 2019

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Adventure, mystery and inspiration behind every door

From Tokyo, Paris, London, Sydney and Rome… Adventure, mystery and inspiration lie behind every door, waiting to be opened.  Divine Doors is a 40-card companion deck that reveals answers to your deepest reflections and inspired musings.  With real-life photography of unique doors from across the globe, you will discover a new way to see the world, tap into your intuitive spirit, and unlock the creative force within.

Andrés Engracia is a psychic medium and artist who connects with his Spanish-Mexican ancestry line of clairvoyant psychics and brujas to bring an understanding of the connections between cultural and mystical practices. 

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