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This Goddess Means Business – Tracey Jewel


This Goddess Means Business
Author:  Tracey Jewel
Description:  136-page book
ISBN:  978-0-6482-4554-4
Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing, May 2018

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Marketing Pep Talks for Women in Business

Business can be hard, but I’m sure you know that already otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here reading this.  But knowing almost makes it easier, doesn’t it?  You’ve done this before, you’ve felt this before and yes, sometimes it sucks but you’ve overcome it before.  Your talent and intelligence are greater than whatever this thing is.  They will outshine your problems every time.  You’re a goddess! And do you know what goddesses do?  They fight back.  And they win.  So, get back in the ring and never forget – This Goddess Means Business!

This book isn’t just a book it’s an experience that is simple to follow, easy to do, and will ignite the growth of your business!

  • Get clear about WHO your ideal clients are, what they need, and how you can help them in a massive way;
  • Learn how to share your unique message in a way that easily attracts your ideal clients;
  • Be confident in charging what you desire and deserve for your services, so that you become aligned with your financial goals and success;
  • Make it easy for your clients to find you, and to know, like, and trust you;
  • You will also learn valuable mindset techniques that help you align YOU with your business along the way, including minding your business, owning your truth and being in the present moment;

Tracey Jewel is an author, professional speaker and awarded businesswoman. She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and is a regular presenter for Mind Body Spirit. Tracey has, without doubt, forged her position as a role model for all women. A regular writer for a number of magazines and blogs, and author of the highly successful book ‘The Goddess Within’, Tracey’s writing style is bold, profound and engaging, and intended to inspire others to action. Whether in a headline, an email or a book, her style is unique, enlightening and praised worldwide. Tracey will be remembered for her dedication to socially responsible organisations that benefit the community and that make a positive difference to the lives of women.

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