Saturday Afternoon Oracle

Saturday Afternoon Oracle

How are you this Saturday afternoon? The sun is shining today yet the air has a chill to it in the shade; we’re steadily working towards the Winter Solstice now. I hope you are doing something enjoyable and ready for this Saturday’s Oracle Inspiration.

So why not make a cuppa and choose your card from today’s Oracle offering, either Left, Middle, or Right. As always, the reveal is further down this post – enjoy! 

Are you ready for your message?……Today’s cards are from the Spiral Oracle by Lili Acuna. #yoursoulbookshop #avalonbynature #heartcentredbusiness #SaturdayOracle #SpiralOracle

First card : Open Channel

I am a deep being and the environment which surrounds me pierces me like a spear. I observe it and I realise that it is made of light. Today my creative potential is the answer. It is the key that opens doors to the great uplifting of humanity.

Second Card : Infinity

The mind and the body are part of the same being and affect each other. When I pay attention to my emotions and thoughts, I regain the sovereignty of my being. I breathe, I observe, and the pace of life slows down. I can now see all things clearly.

Third card : Conscious

I am face to face with myself. I accept, I take over. I take responsibility for my actions. I open up the darkness by incorporating it as it was, as it is. I leave behind the judgments about me. I am grateful for this opportunity and I embrace what I choose to be now.

I hope you find these energy messages are supportive to you today, I do enjoy preparing them for you – leave a comment below if you like, I’d love to hear from you. If I have sent you here from Facebook or Instagram and you would rather receive the Saturday Afternoon Oracle directly into your inbox, then please sign up for a newsletter at the bottom of our front page

Jo Avalon (5 June 2021)

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