Jo Avalon’s Weekly News and Oracle

Jo Avalon’s Weekly News and Oracle

Hello 😊 from Boolaroo and welcome to the first Oracle post for 2024! I hope the end of the calendar year was as magical and love-filled as you hoped. We had a pretty quiet New Year’s Eve as we have a fireworks-shy dog (and another who couldn’t care less!), so we enjoyed a quiet night in. This week, I’ve done a combination of weeding and cleaning up front and back yards at home, as well as sorting and putting away stock on shelves at the Boolaroo Showroom. I’ve also been thinking about what sort of year I want to have – well, I’ve been thinking about that for some time but am now actually putting pen to paper in my new diary 😊. So that’s what’s inspired today’s Oracle offering. I am available for In-person readings at Boolaroo as well as Email readings all through January, and am excited to offer these as a positive and uplifting experience to get you enthusiastic about the year ahead. This post is also intended as an opportunity to kick start your year inspired by your Personal Tarot Year Card – let’s get into it.

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I’ve started reading this book in paperback, having visited Gundagai recently. It’s set on timeless Wiradyuri country, where the life-giving waters of the rivers can make or break dreams, and based on devastating true events, Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray (River of Dreams) is an epic story of love, loss and belonging.

Now, let’s get into today’s Oracle Inspiration for you! Numerology and Tarot can offer some insight into the energy of the coming year and while a universal tarot year card is useful for world events, your Personal Tarot Year Card is specific to you. This is how you work it out: add the numerals of your birthdate and this year together and reduce to a number between 1 and 22. For eg, mine is 4 Feb 2024 –> 4+2+2+0+2+4 = 14. If your answer comes to 23 or above, add those two numerals together.

Card deck: Golden Art Nouveau Tarot
  • 1 The Magician: Will, Ability – capability, power, deception, initiation, talent, precision, focus, skill, initiative, shrewdness, manipulation
  • 2 The High Priestess: Knowledge, Wisdom – the unknown, intuition, subconscious, serenity, introspection, mystical vision, gestation, faith, silence, secrecy
  • 3 The Empress: Nurturing, Fertility – productivity, creativity, nature, abundance, material prosperity, joy comfort, sexuality, beauty, mother figure
  • 4 The Emperor: Domain, Authority – leadership, responsibility, solidity, order, power, government, father figure, rationalism, pride, domination
  • 5 The Hierophant: Guidance, Dogmatism – religion, faith, education, instruction, mentor, teaching, belief systems, tradition
  • 6 The Lovers: Choice, Love – affinity, alliance, harmony, creativity, bonding, passion, sensuality, union, pleasure, desire, attraction, romance
  • 7 The Chariot: Triumph, Arrogance – dedication, commitment, discipline, energy, confidence, assertion, bravery, willpower, progress, success, victory
  • 8 Strength: Power, Fortitude – force, self-control, self-discipline, composure, endurance, vigour, durability, health, moral virtue, kindness, compassion
  • 9 The Hermit: Enlightenment, Withdrawal – solitude, retreat, silence, philosophy, experience, ancient truth, pilgrimage, introversion, isolation
  • 10 Wheel of Fortune: Circle, Repeat – circularity, cycles, flux, change, possibilities, opportunities, fate, destiny, fortune, karma, randomness
  • 11 Justice: Justice, Law – decision-making, impartiality, logic, fairness, balance, equality, adjustment, severity, intellect, legalism, insensitivity
  • 12 The Hanged Man: Transcendence, Punishment – inversion, reversals, halt, sacrifice, gestation, meditation, insight, perspectives, surrendering, acceptance, initiation
  • 13 Death: Transformation, Ending – conclusion, expiration, transition, evolution, passage, progress, regeneration, loss, release, cleansing, rebirth
  • 14 Temperance: Mediation, Compromise – tempering, blending, synthesis, harmony, rejuvenation, healing, recovery, benevolence, symmetry, moderation
  • 15 The Devil: Passion, Excess – hedonism, materialism, obsession, shadow, forbidden, temptation, vice, sex, addiction, falsehood, fear, anxiety, doubt, anger
  • 16 The Tower: Demolition, Destruction – sudden change, shock, disruption, ruin, reduction, breakdown, liberation, explosion, dispute, estrangement, chaos
  • 17 The Star: Hope, Infinity – optimism, trust, inspiration, openness, calmness, joy, serenity, beauty, purity, insight, far-sightedness, dream come true
  • 18 The Moon: Mystery, Illusion – dreams, cycles, unconscious, imagination, romanticism, fantasy, deception, instinct
  • 19 The Sun: Light, Truth – awareness, clarity, trust, energy, happiness, success, glory, exuberance, growth, radiance, heat
  • 20 Judgement: Renewal, Awakening – examination, revelation, resurrection, rebirth, restart, redemption, reconciliation, absolution, closure
  • 21 The World: Completeness, Balance – fulfilment, accomplishment, success, wholeness, travel, contentment, integration, totality, perfection, harmony
  • 22 The Fool: Innocence, Journey – potential, beginning, adventure, playfulness, freedom, originality, carelessness, folly, inexperience

I hope you find this activity inspirational for you today, I have enjoyed preparing it for you – if you would like my worksheet to further delve into your personal tarot year card, click here to download it now. Feel free to comment on this post on my website – perhaps you can share what is happening for you this week – I read every comment and I love to hear from you.   Thank you again for letting me fly into your inbox each week πŸ’œ.

Jo Avalon (6 January 2024)

Awabakal Country

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