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Hello 😊 from Boolaroo and thank you for joining me each week during this year – I hope that this weekly offering to you has been inspiring, encouraging or validating to your plans and decisions! I hope that at this pointy end of 2023, you can look back and feel appreciation for your experiences and achievements and feel hopeful and excited for the next year.  I also hope that you continue to journey alongside me and Avalon by Nature – we’d love to continue connecting with you.  All the best for 2024 🥳 and as always – may your connection to the Divine be strong and your heart full of Love 💕.

Dusk at Port Melbourne in June this year.
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Yesterday, I finished listening to this fab book – a mix of romantic suspense and psychological thriller and I found myself driving slower to continue listening to it…. there was a great twist at the end too….

Now, let’s get into today’s Oracle Inspiration for you!  Take a minute to settle, centre, and take a cleansing breath – ask, ‘which card holds an inspiring message for me?’ – and choose your card from today’s Oracle offering, either Left, Middle, Right, or All Three. As always, the reveal is further down this post – enjoy!

It’s Saturday 30 December and a waning Gibbous Moon in Leo.  If you’re faced with being in the spotlight, it might be helpful to have someone you trust provide you with kind, helpful feedback so you can improve and feel more confident.

Now, are you ready for your messages?……Today’s cards are from the Coffee Oracle (Connecting With Clarity).

Left Card:

Rocking Horse – childhood, winning, destination – as a child, we could get lost in our imagination winning a race or riding off to magical places on a rocking horse. As an adult, we need to ask: are we trying to win a race that is impossible because in reality we really can’t reach our destination, or do we believe in magic? Mantra: if I believe, I will succeed.

Middle Card:

Snail – slow down, patience, timid – when the Snail appears, it’s time to ask yourself: are you showing your true self to the world or hiding in your shell? It’s time to let go of stress as everything will get done at its own pace, so have patience. Mantra: it is safe to be me, and everything is happening in divine timing.

Right Card:

Hippopotamus – strength, immersion, parental love – the Hippopotamus spends a good amount of time immersed in the water where it relaxes, but with alertness. Very protective of their boundaries and family. Don’t be surprised if you are the recipient of fierce loyalty or need to display it yourself. Mantra: I protect my boundaries and those of the ones I love.

Three cards together:

These three cards are showing you that in order to succeed, you must fully believe that you will. You are encouraged to be You and no-one else’s version – you are safe to do so. As you do so, know that things are unfolding as they are meant to. Your boundaries are important to know and protect. If you can deal with negative influences by being clear about what is right for you, it will be easier to focus and believe you will succeed.

I hope you find these messages inspirational for you today, I do enjoy preparing them for you – feel free to comment on this post on my website – perhaps you can share what is happening for you this week – I read every comment and I love to hear from you.   Thank you again for letting me fly into your inbox each week – I look forward to seeing you in some way in 2024 💜.

Jo Avalon (30 December 2023)

Awabakal Country

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