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Hello from Gwandalan 😊 and apologies for the late posting! Today is our 2-monthly cousins lunch which I’ve been making a real effort to attend as many as I can. It’s a tradition started by my Aunty and Dad to meet up with their Cousins regularly. Us adult children were invited after a while and it’s been lovely to connect to a branch of our family that was quite distant for many years. I guess that’s one of the perks of retirement – to be able to make time for family again. On my way home, I stopped in at Bateau Bay Square to buy a coffee and sit down to write this post in the aircon….and ran into a friend escaping the heat as well – we raved about our work, the collective energy, numerology, art and books – and suddenly 2 hours had gone by 🤭. So here it is – enjoy!

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I’ve put together an Eyre Peninsula Tour for February – click on the pic to be taken to the FB event page. I’m visiting Whyalla, Port Lincoln and Cummins!!

Now, let’s get into today’s Oracle Inspiration for you!  Take a minute to settle, centre, and take a cleansing breath – ask, ‘which card holds an inspiring message for me?’ – and choose your card from today’s Oracle offering, either Left, Middle, Right, or All Three. As always, the reveal is further down this post – enjoy!

It’s Saturday 13 January and a waxing Crescent Moon in Aquarius.  Take note of your emotions but don’t judge them harshly, as Aquarius moon does love emotional freedom . Spending time with friends can help you feel less like to compare or judge yourself or others. Be kind to you.

Now, are you ready for your messages?……Today’s cards are from the Animal Magic Cards (The Nature Alchemist).

Left Card:

12 Chameleon – Change – many shades of Chameleon. The Chameleon suggests changes in your immediate environment and surrounds. A shift in your career or a shift at home, things are changing around you. Chameleon can also signal a change in your moods and outlook, is it time to allow old tensions and frustrations to lift and heal. The world and those around you will perceive what you put out for them to see. Analyze what you are projecting so that you can adjust accordingly.

Middle Card:

9 Swan – Grace – in floats the graceful Swan. You are going to be shown new ways of thinking, breathing and moving with flow. It is time to develop your intuitive abilities and all for the states of awareness. The Swan invites you to trust your judgment, stand tall and pay attention to your instinctual thoughts. Like the Swan, embrace your inner grace and beauty and allow it to shine through and radiate for others to see.

Right Card:

29 Camel – Replenish – Replenish with Camel. The Camel encourages you to find your own oasis so that you can restock and replenish your soul. Your journey is important, you must take the time to nurture yourself. Remember you must fill your cup before filling that of others. Your dedication and focus to your family and friends is admirable. However, you must balance it with self-love and your own goals and commitments. The Camel also signifies the need to make sacrifices in some aspects of our life in order to advance.

Three cards together:

These three cards are showing you that you are being encouraged to take note of what is changing in your life and to examine what you are projecting of yourself. Perhaps Chameleon is showing that it is ok to show all your colours now. Swan shows you how to move gracefully, to intuitively feel the flow, trust your instincts and move in tandem with it. When you flow, you show how to find your oasis, to replenish your energy and self-love, and when to return to helping others.

I hope you find these messages inspirational for you today, I do enjoy preparing them for you – feel free to comment on this post on my website – perhaps you can share what is happening for you this week – I read every comment and I love to hear from you.   Thank you for inviting me into your inbox each week – I look forward to seeing you in some way in 2024 💜.

Jo Avalon (13 January 2024)

Awabakal Country

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