An Introduction to the Dreamtime – R Lewis

An Introduction to the Dreamtime – R Lewis


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Author:  Reginald Lewis
Description:  16-page book
ISBN:  978-0-9803-5217-7
Publisher:  Gecko Books, Oct 2008
Australian Aboriginal mysticism explained and explored

It isn’t long before the visitor to Australia encounters the Aboriginal Dreamtime: a concept as unique, beautiful and mysterious as the land itself. And then there are the strange creatures, such as the kangaroo, duck-billed platypus, emu and goanna, who not only inhabit the land, but occupy the Dreamtime too, in the form of animal people.

So many travelers pass through this country unable to grasp even a little of the Dreaming knowledge. And that’s a pity; it’s a rich and exotic ocean for the soul to swim in.  The object of this little book is to try and repair this to some degree.

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