Making Magick (Mini Cards) – Priestess Moon

Making Magick (Mini Cards) – Priestess Moon


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Author/Illustrator:  Priestess Moon
Description:  40 card deck
ISBN:  978-1-9256-8297-7
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, April 2019
Manifesting Your Dreams – Making Magick is a potent tool

Making Magick is a potent tool to support you in manifesting your desires, whether it’s for wisdom, protection, healing, love, fortune, or insight or whatever you dream of.  This 40-card mini-deck features a combination of medieval amulets, Celtic charms, alchemical glyphs, and channeled sigils from Priestess Moon’s guides and angels, as well as an explanation of how each symbol can help you.

Priestess Moon is a Western Australian artist and author.  After completed a Bachelor of Arts in Design in 1995, Priestess Moon made the life-changing move to the land of her ancestors, Scotland.  There she discovered Celtic paganism and, with it, the spirituality of the natural world.  She brings this mysticism into her art and writing, and her works have strong links to illuminated manuscripts, herbal codex, and magickal grimoires.

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