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Star Seeds (Mini Cards) – Nari Anastarsia


Author/Illustrator:  Nari Anastarsia
Description:  Wisdom for spiritual growth
ISBN:  978-1-9256-8222-9
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, July 2018

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Time to shine even brighter, Star Seed!

These illuminating Star Seeds cards serve as seeds of empowerment to raise your personal power and awareness.  Each message will encourage you to ponder on your birth from the stars, to raise your unique vibration through Earth’s planetary shifts and to make conscious choices of self-love so that you may better be of service to humanity.

Nari Anastarsia, an Intuitive Spiritual Guide and Artist, is driven to assist others to remember their own unique creative light.  Nari is a qualified Complementary Therapist and Holistic Counsellor.

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